Secrets to The Vegan World

Anyone who has a basic knowledge of cooking can treat you with non-vegetarian dishes. But to make a vegetarian dish, a delicious one, a few points must be noted. These simple tricks when followed not only makes your meal yummy but healthier too. A wisely chosen vegetarian diet does have a strong side that adds calories to your body.

• Preparing a balanced meal

Being a vegan makes you healthier only when you have the nutrients perfectly balanced in your diet. Make sure you include the following nutrients,
Iodine from iodized Salt.
Calcium from dairy products, vegetables like broccoli and kale, tofu, fortified soy milk.
Iron from dry fruits, vegetables, and seeds, and whole grains.
Omega 3 fatty acid found in walnuts, flax seeds, soy, and canola oil.
Proteins found in whole grains, soybeans, nuts, and seeds.
Zinc from vegetables, peanuts, and soy products.

• Slow Roast

The true flavors of the dish can be obtained through caramelization. This can only be achieved by slow roasting. As there are more carbohydrates in plant food than meat, slow roasting makes your dish tastier. Veggies can be roasted in the oven, sear them in the pan, or char them in the grill.

• Adding chewy food

In order to bring a meaty texture to your food, try adding some chewy food. These foods feel more filling and take effort and time to chew than other vegetables. Cottage cheese, seared tofu, grilled mushroom are a few examples.

• Add umami flavor

Umami refers to a brothy or meaty flavor and is one among the five tastes. This flavor can be brought into the food by using glutamine (or monosodium glutamate). Fermentation can enhance Umami flavor. Asparagus, corn, tomatoes, seaweed, peas, and onions are examples of foods that have high Umami flavor naturally.

• Spices and fats

When the right amount of spice, veggies can be made tasteful. Apart from red chilies and peppers, there are other spices that go well with vegetarian dishes. Coriander, rosemary, organic, black salt are few of them. Fats add extra taste to the veggies.

• Lemon

Adding lemon makes salads super tasty. It’s an easy way to add vitamin C to your diet.

• Mix it up

Never afraid to mix two or more vegetarian foods. Give your try if you think it will give you a tasty meal. Mix raw ingredients with cooked ones to make you feel lighter. Roasted sweet potatoes in raw salad and orange slices in lightly steamed greens are undoubtedly delicious.

• Keep it fresh, seasonal, and simple

Keep the ingredients fresh and make sure you include the ingredients that suit the season.

• Season it

Seasoning the food gives a good smell to your food. Of course, the smell of the food is the first deciding factor that tells about the taste of the food.

• Understanding through study

Go through different ways such as blogs, websites, and books. Understand everything about vegetarian cooking, explore that world.
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