Food for thought-How food franchising will help you to expand your business?


We live in ever-changing times and the pace of these changes seems to increase constantly.

In this article you will read about Food for thought-How food franchising will help you to expand your business.

Like stalk market, the franchise industry has over the time proven to be the soundest investment. Even in the most challenging times, this industry has grown steadily and better than any other investment.

The strength of franchise industry can be seen in two ways:·

  • For consumers, drinking coffee at Starbucks or eating lunch at McDonald’s looks pretty much the same in India like somewhere else in abroad. The industry has always delivered the goods and services the way consumer wanted it.·


  • For Franchise buyers, the advantages are many and very persuasive when it comes to business investment. Number one, it sells the formula of how to run a business, and there is no trial and error in it. Number two, the buyer gets a strong level of support and he is not in it by itself. And Number three, owning a franchise is a more conservative option because it could be analyzed and judged easily before jumping to buy it.


I hate that word ‘franchise’ – it always makes me think of French fries.  – Sigourney Weaver, American Actress.

The word franchise itself talks about food and we all can agree that there is no greater love than the love of food.

Each one of us is looking for a mouth-watering delight whether cooked at home or served at a restaurant.

And the good news is, it isn’t just us but it is the story of every Indian.

As per the recent survey, it has been found that The Indian food industry is expected to have huge growth and its contribution to the world food trade is increasing every year.

Still, have your doubts about investing in food sector?

Here are a few advantages of having food business:·

It is a recession proof industry:

Food franchises rarely have to worry in uncertain economic times.

Even if the consumer finds it difficult to afford a luxury product, they still enjoy treating themselves to a nice night out and that makes your business secure.·

Increasing market demand:

Since the lifestyles of people are becoming more hectic and more and more people are choosing to eat out. And this demand isn’t going to die out anytime soon.·

Provides lucrative opportunities:

The amount of rush that we see in a franchise in one day is enough to prove us that it provides ample of opportunities for growth and is highly rewarding financially.

The specialty of the food business is that it can be rewarding and exciting. But it can also be a real struggle. However, the rewards will outweigh the cost any day. Why should your franchise?·

Lower start-up cost:

Owning a franchise is a cost-effective investment than starting your own business.·

Easy loans:

Franchising is a safer bet for banks. And thus it is easier to get loans.·

Recognized name:

The franchise offers a recognized name of an existing company, which will definitely help in long run.

Starting your business with a franchise is like a foot in the door which will help you to expand your business down the road.

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