Tea and its Changing Style of Drinking

This article is all about Tea and its changing style of drinking. Tea is a common beverage, which is made using the leaves of the tea plant. This is a drink which is consumed a lot by people in the world after water.

This aromatic drink is usually served during the morning for getting refreshed or at some kind of occasions as a welcome drink.

The concept of drinking tea has now changed from just a beverage to a health drink, as part of this tea had evolved into various herbal medicine forms.

So, let’s look into the needs that why we should give importance to tea, by considering it more than a beverage.

  • Tea consist of antioxidants that are necessary to fight disease like various types of cancer which include breast, colon, skin, lung, stomach, small intestine etc.
  • Consuming tea helps in reducing the risk of heart attack and to protect against degenerative diseases.
  • Tea acts as an effective agent for preventing and treating neurological diseases.
  • Green tea helps in improving strength and bone mineral density.
  • According to studies, tea helps to prevent cellular degeneration that takes place as a result of exposure to radiation.

And these above-mentioned reasons are far enough for us to change our drinking style of tea from just a  beverage to an essential health drink.

Types of Tea

This tea mentioned above includes various types like:



Black tea is familiar one and its leaves are dried, fermented and crushed well. The caffeine content in black tea is more compared to other teas. Black tea contains antioxidants.



The leaves used for Green tea are usually heat-treated and dried after they are plucked. Green tea contains antioxidants.



Oolong tea is more or less like black tea, but they are fermented only for a short time. This tea helps in activating the enzyme that helps in dissolving triglycerides, so it is mainly consumed for losing weight.



This tea is made up of cinnamon, orange peel, lavender and then paired up with white, black or green tea leaves. Like black tea, flavored tea also contains some level of antioxidants.



White tea contains less caffeine and the tea leaves used for it are plucked at early stages of the leaves. White tea has the benefit to fight against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.


herbal tea

Technically, herbal teas cannot be easily treated as teas, they are a combination of dried flowers, fruits and herbs ( herbs which doesn’t contain much caffeine). Herbal teas are of various types like, peppermint tea that calms the stomach, hibiscus tea that lowers blood pressure, chamomile tea that promotes sleep and more.

Through this article, you learned Tea and its changing style of drinking. The above mentioned are the teas which are treated as health drinks, so let’s change the style of just drinking tea to drinking it for maintaining a healthy life. 

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