A Treat To Your Taste Buds

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In this article, you will learn about A Treat to Your Taste Buds.When it comes to food, excitation of taste buds is what everyone wishes for. Every individual appreciates a food in different ways. For some people, food may be an emotion, whereas for others it is just a food. It is really a talent to get a brilliant response from everyone concerning the taste of dishes. If everyone has a good opinion about a certain dish, then it will definitely be worth tasting.

The North Indian Cuisine


Every part of the world has their own set of menus. In the same way, Indians do have theirs. India is a vast country, so the taste of the people do change from region to region and state to state. There is a North Indian cuisine and a South Indian cuisine. The North Indian cuisine comprises of Awadhi, Bihari, Bhojpuri, Kashmiri, Kumauni, Rajasthani, Mughlai, Punjabi, and Uttar Pradesh.

The description of each cuisine is as follows

1. Awadhi:   Awadhi cuisine belongs to the city of Lucknow. The drum style of cooking under low fire is invented here. This cuisine mainly comprises of kebabs, sheermal, biryanis, roomali rotis, warqi parathas etc. This cuisine is rich in spices, including saffron and cardamom.

2. Bihari:   Bihari cuisine is more similar to the North Indian cuisine but has the influence of East Indian cuisine too. It mainly includes Chokha, Sattu Parathas, Bihari Botti, and Kebabs etc.

3. Bhojpuri:  This cuisine is a mixture of both the North Indian and Nepalese cuisine. Mostly, their food is mild and less spicy. Rotis, Parathas, Puris, Naan, Bhaturas are part of Bhojpuri cuisine.

4. Kashmiri:  Qabargaah, Shab Deg, Dum aloo, Aab Gosht, Goshtaba are a few most popular dishes of Kashmiri cuisine.

5. Kumauni cuisine:  It is a cuisine which belongs to the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It is simple but nutritious. Most popular types of bread, dairy products, and beverages belongs to this cuisine.

6. Mughlai:  From very mild to very spicy, Mughlai dishes have a different aroma. Haleems, Biriyani, different types of Tikkas, Mughlai Parathas, Keema Matar, are a few to name.

7. Rajasthani:  scarcity of water and unavailability of fresh vegetables is the reasons for inventing dishes that lasts for several days and can be eaten without heating. Millet bread and hot garlic paste stand more popular among their dishes.

8. Punjabi:  Punjabi cuisine is influenced by the cooking from Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Tandoori cooking is the most famous form of cooking. The most popular dishes include Sarson ka saag and makki ki roti.

9. Uttar Pradesh:  the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh has many varieties of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Popular bread type includes Kulcha, Sheermal, Tandoori Roti, Taftan, Naan etc.

Vegetarian Restaurants


The North Indian vegetarian restaurant has a handful full of most popular dishes from the above-mentioned cuisines. These dishes are modified into many forms to make them tastier. Rolls, Tawa special dishes, Tandoori snacks, Indian bread, and meals are available under one roof.
Spice Grill Flame, a famous North Indian restaurant in Delhi has their own unique menu which consists of rolls such as Kabab Roll, Mushroom Roll, Malai Cheap Roll, Paneer Tikka Roll, and many more. They also have a variety of Tawa specials like Tawa Cheap, Tawa Chaap Masala, Tawa Mushroom Masala, Tawa Paneer Masala, and so on. Their menu also consists of Rotis and Parathas.

If you wish to reinvent your taste buds, drive to the nearest SGF restaurant and have a peek into the delicious and yummy world. 

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