6 Reasons Why Poha is Popular in Indian Breakfast Food

In this article, you will learn about 6 reasons why poha is popular in Indian breakfast food.  Poha is much love Indian breakfast food. It has a number of variants in different parts of the country.

You can prepare it simply with peanuts, curry leaves, namkeen etc. Poha had a unique appeal that is almost universal. Different states made poha in a unique style.

In Madhya Pradesh, poha is eaten with spicy bhujia topping in it with a side of sweet and jalebis and smarties. In Maharashtra, poha has to made from potatoes with some chutney.

But did you know that why poha is incredibly healthy? Here are some reasons why poha is healthy for us :

6 Reasons Why Poha is Popular in Indian Breakfast Food

1. Control the Blood Sugar Levels

Poha is considered to be a healthy meal for breakfast. Poha is being rich in fibre and promote a steady release of sugar in the body.

It is very light and helpful to maintain the sugar level of the body. People who will want to lose their body weight will definitely include their meals.

2. Rich Source of Carbohydrate


Poha is made from 70 percent of carbohydrate. It is a healthy breakfast that provides the energy to improve your immune system and help to perform daily activities.

It is very light that is easily digestible to your body. It can both include light evening or morning meal. Poha will never increase your body weight and will keep you feel longer.

3. Rich In Iron

Persons who are getting a high risk of anemia will advise eating poha. This is because poha is made from rice retains some of the iron from the process and hence considered to be rich in iron.

You also squeeze a bit of lemon juice in your bowl. Include the poha in your breakfast to help your body to absorb the iron better.

4. Low in Calories


Poha is generally low in calories. Poha contains at least 300 calories along with antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients that helps to remove all the toxins due to the presence of curry mint leaves in it.

If you adding some peanuts then calories will automatically increase. If you want to decrease your body weight then you will want to skip the peanuts.

5. Good Probiotic

This may come as a surprise but poha is a good probiotic also. It is because poha is made from parboiling paddy and then dry out in the sun.

After that dried product is beaten flat with huge machines to make poha. The finished product has undergone fermentation from partially digested carbs and vegetables that are good for health.

6. Rich in Delicious

Poha is not only a rich source of minerals but also very delicious in taste. Poha is basically a heart and fat-free food. People also get benefits of carbs and vegetables by consuming it.

Poha also helps to curb hunger and will keep you feel for longer hours.

Well, this was the end of the article of 6 Reasons why poha is popular in Indian Breakfast Food. Poha is really a healthy and best food for your breakfast.

You can also make it more delicious by making in coconut oil that helps to keep you healthy.

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